Project Information

Skills Required

There are a lot of skills that I will need for this project to be completed, some of them I already have a sufficient understanding in, others I will have to develop. I have separated these skills into categories.

Technological Skills

  • Better understanding and ability to use PHP to process data submitted by users.
  • More knowledge of Javascript and how to utilise it to create animated infographics which respond to data outputted by PHP
  • A good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, especially with CSS3 transitions.
  • A basic understanding of how to store user data in databases using mysql (This is less important).

As I already have a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3, having used it regularly over the previous 5 years, my main focus is on learning more about PHP and Javascript, as although I have a relatively good understanding of both I know I will have to do a lot of researching, testing and debugging in order to get my product to work the way it wants.

Design Skills

  • Ability to create original designs with Adobe Illustrator
  • Ability to create original designs with Adobe Photoshop

I already have a lot of experience using this software so I will not have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software but creating my designs will take time as I am not intending to use other peoples designs or collaborate with a graphic designer.

Math and Science Knowledge

Because I am working with a lot of statistical data that has to be accurate in order for the product to work correctly I will need a basic understanding of maths, I am mostly working with percentages and decimals and will not need to know anything advanced. In terms of working out things such as how much methane a single cow produces a year I will also need a basic understanding of scientific units of measurement such as parts per million.

Research Skills

Although I have done a vast amount of research on the subject my project is related to, in order to get a better understanding it might be beneficial for me to get in contact with somebody who has more knowledge in the field of environmental impacts of the livestock industry, perhaps an activist or a researcher, the reason for this is because there is a lot of data online and it is quite hard to know if that information is accurate and/or up to date sometimes.


At this stage I have defined no particular resources I will need for this project that I do not already have. I will need a computer, the required software, and web hosting. I already have these things.

External Collaborators

At this point in time I am unaware of any external collaborators who will be working with me on this project. Although, as I have mentioned, it may be beneficial for me to seek out the guidance of someone who has more knowledge of the impacts of the livestock industry on the environment. However, at this point I have not consolidated with any outside sources.

Role Specific Documents

Front end Development: Luke Monet

Back end Development: Luke Monet

Graphics: Luke Monet

Web Design: Luke Monet

Research: Luke Monet

For this project, to date, I am assigning all roles to myself. The reason why I have made this decision thus far is because I want to expand on my knowledge and ability in all fields. Although I am most interested in front-end development, I think gaining experience in all areas will be beneficial for me moving forward, I think this will help me gain more experience and further my employability. I do not believe that these tasks are beyond my abilities, although I am fully aware of the amount of work I will have to undertake in order to create the final product.

Sources Of Material

I will not be creating every piece of code for every part of my project entirely from scratch as in many cases there are a range of libraries and open source code that are available to use free of charge. I plan to use open source code (such as responsive tabs) and javascript libraries (such as d3.js, a Javascript library that can be used for creating animated data visualisations) in some sections of my project and I will reference these uses on completion of my final product.


The only thing I am planning on having to spend money on is web hosting as I am doing all the design and web development and research myself and have all the resources to achieve this readily available. Depending on how much data my website uses I may have to have a relatively decent hosting account depending on the amount of data usage. I have already purchased a hosting account (

Other expenses I have taken into account are possible images I may need to purchase to help create my designs and possibly some books on JavaScript if I can’t find enough useful information. Altogether, total spending on the project should be no more than between 50 – 150 pounds.



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