Testing Project

Today I tested my project in the foyer for the first time.

I think that this testing was quite important because it showed me how the project worked with people walking passed the camera naturally which made me change some parameters in the code to make it more efficient, it also gave me some insight into the audiences interaction with the project. I find that because the pixels that pick up the changed in brightness which affects the towers’ movement are in a straight line, from left to right, the towers move upwards from right to left as someone walks past the screen, this isn’t really what I want so I will randomise the pixels which are comparing brightness with on another so different towers move upwards at different spaces on the camera, so that the rising of the buildings is less linear.

In this video I put the video the camera is capturing as the background so the movement which affects the images can be seen. The white line shows the section of the camera where the pixels which are comparing the changes in brightness are assigned.

What I originally wanted to do was to have every pixel of the camera effect the movement on the camera depending in the changes in brightness but after discussing this with Paul in a workshop he suggested that he didn’t think that it would be neccessary as he felt that it worked well enough already with just one pixel affecting the movement of the towers. I think for the foyer of Weymouth house it is enough to pick up peoples movement but if the camera was in a different position, such as the corner of the room it would be nice to have every pixel which the camera captures effecting the movement of the skyscrapers as I think the idea of collectivism would be more apparent. As only 24 pixels are being used this doesn’t really reflect the significance of large amounts of people, in my opinion.

However, saying this I think that the project works really well although I would like to test it in a busier environment because when I was filming these videos there weren’t that many people occupying the space so I would like to see what happens when the foyer is busier. Below is a video from my smart phone of the actual project with a blue background and no visibility of what the camera is capturing, how I intended the project to actually look.


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