Final Project update

Today I did the final designs for my towers and loaded them all into processing so that the towers now span the entire width of the document. Now every tower moves at a different time but I am still having some issues as they are not all responding as well as I would like.

As can be seen in the video above the problem I am having at the moment is that the images are not moving down when I move off the screen, I am not sure what is wrong but I will try and solve this before I test my project in the Foyer of Weymouth house.

From when I tested how the project would work previously I have learnt some valuable lessons which helped me to save a lot of time. With the names of each image I have stated whether the towers are in the foreground background or middle because last time I found this very confusing trying to work out what images should go behind or in front of one another, I’ve also named in numerical order from left to right (as can be seen below).
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 01.06.13  Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 01.08.57

Each tower has it’s own colour which is being picked up by the on-board camera by using the get function. These colours are then compared using the evaluateChange method which I discussed in this post. The pixels which colour values are being read go across the centre of the screen, I feel that this is best for now because the most amount of movement is likely to happen in the centre of the screen. However I would like to find a way where I can read every pixel on the canvas and assign a certain amount of pixels to each image as I think this would be better.


As of yet I have not repositioned the images so they are in the correct order, but I intend for them to eventually look like how I arranged them in the Photoshop (above). I prefer my skyscrapers now as they are a bit more diverse which gives the ‘city’ a bit more character. I stayed away from using smaller building like I used previously because I felt having buildings which were small in height didn’t work as effectively.


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