My Designs update

Today I worked on my background designs some more, I tried different methods to create some mountains in both Photoshop and Illustrator.


I tried a series of different techniques to try and make the mountains look more realistic, using darker shades for mountains further in the background and also introducing some snow using the brush tool and also creating some lines (on the left side) to try and make the mountain look more rigid.


I tried to use a photo of some mountains as a template but this didn’t work very well.


In my Photoshop designs I wanted to make the mountains look more realistic and with the Illustrator designs they look more cartoonish (I personally find they have a sort of Hanna Barbera feel to them). In Illustrator I used the pen tool as opposed to the brush tool in photoshop, which makes the lines more precise. I quite like the snowy tops but I also find they look a bit bland compared to the other design.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 19.38.59

these are the outlines of the design, I filled them with colour in photoshop afterwards as I prefer using photoshop for that as it’s less tedious.. In order to change the shape of the mountains I havd to add anchor points to the lines.


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