Processing Project Update

Yesterday I had a discussion with Paul in the workshop about how I should progress with my project and he suggested that instead of comparing the pixels rgb values he felt it would be more beneficial to compare the pixels to the brightness, he suggested that I look at the code in the document “captureToHeightString3”, which was in the processing workshop 10 folder on the mybu website.

In this image below I have written some notes as to what each of the lines of code do.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 18.36.54

This code uses the abs function in processing which converts all floating or integer numbers to positive numbers. This was useful to me because it meant that if I were to compare two pixels to one another (previous brightness of a pixel to current brightness of a pixel) and the brightness value which is being compared is under the value of the original pixel which it is being compared to then it converts that negative number to a positive number, which means that only positive values are being returned, this helps because it means that the images will move upwards regardless of whether the brightness is greater than or less than the previous brightness.

As can be seen from a previous blog post, the ways in which the towers move is significantly different. They are more ‘bouncy’ than previously. What I need to do now is work out a way to make each tower move differently depending on the brightness of different pixels, instead of them all moving up together, as this doesn’t reflect collectivism (i.e. societies aren’t constructed because of the result of a single individuals actions).

Also I need to play around with the code so that it works better for me, because at the moment the towers are moving up too high and are also not moving down fast enough (because the section of the code “change *= 0.99” needs to be changed).


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