Why Does My Idea Relate To Media?

I would quickly like to address a question that I have been asking myself about my project and that is “How does my project relate to media”. The reason I am asking this is because the brief states that the idea should be “intended to elucidate/explain some idea or concept you perceive as key to our 21st century media experience”. This made me think about the question in depth and I came to the conclusion that my idea is primarily focused on the idea of social networks (not constrained to digital media http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_network), communication, collaboration, collective identity, space, evolution, growth and in a lesser sense industrialism and capitalism.

My idea relates to social networks between people because the more people who are occupying the space results in more happening on the screen. If there is nobody occupying the space then nothing happens, where as if there are a lot of people occupying the space then a lot is happening. This is supposed to reflect our networks in society which we need to communicate with one another to perform collaborative efforts such as build skyscrapers, houses, machines which results in the formation of cities.

The reason why this is relevant to media is because to collaborate and form societies we must be able to communicate with one another; all communication is media, and the way in which we communicate has a massive impact on the way people work together to form a society. Also communicating ideas to one another is also media, any way in which we communicate ideas, whether it is through art of sharing philosophical thoughts or ideas is media. So really it is because of a shared communication back and forth between two entities which is the foundation of building a complex society.

This is relevant to the 21st century media experience because as a society we are arriving at those difficult questions such as “are we producing too much waste?” “are we destroying our eco system” or “do we have enough resources to sustain the population of the world?” – networks and media are important for us to solve the problems we face in the 21st century, as we need to be able to communicate with one another to overcome problems we may be facing.

The idea also reflects collective identity because we can all identify with being humans of planet earth, and cities are the product of the humans of planet earth, so we can relate to them in the same way that you can relate ants to an ants nest, this is important for 21st century media because it focuses on our similarities (ways which we can associate with one another collectively) and not our differences.

This is what my idea is trying to achieve, and what comes to my mind when I think what this project reflects. But whether the audience will understand what my idea is trying to achieve is another thing altogether.


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