Processing Images 2

In a previous post I showed some images which I will be using for the project, I have since made some revisions and added some things to the designs.

In the image below I have added some mountains and trees and to the background to give it more of a natural landscape, my idea is that the buildings will appear in front of the mountains and the trees will somehow be replaced by the houses and the road. I like this better than previously because it means that instead of there being nothing when there are not many people occupying the space there will be some natural scenery and the screen will be less bare than previously. I have also added some clouds which I intend to have moving across the screen and I also want to add a sun which moves slowly throughout the day, I think this will add something extra to the idea because it will make it less static and more interesting.


Below shows what I would like the screen to look like when the project is complete. I need to work out a way to make the images transform to this. A way I thought this could work is to have the colour of the ‘grass’ change colour depending on if a pixel is changing in colour when there is movement. I also thought I may be able to have the clouds change from white to a more greyish colour to reflect the pollution that a city creates. I have thought about having some cars moving across the road depending on the amount of pixels which are changing in colour effects how many cars there are. Some of these ideas may be unrealistic considering the amount of time I have but I would like to create a busy environment to reflect a busy city, because otherwise it might be harder for the audience to understand the meaning which I am trying to put across.



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