Designs for Project

Here are the first designs for my processing project.

The first picture shows what I intend the project to look like when there are no people around to for the pixels to change in colour value.


When people start to walk into the view of the camera this buildings will start to appear depending on the amount of pixels which are changing in colour.


When there is a lot of movement more buildings will appear on the screen which represents the environment changing with the addition of more people in the area.


My next step is to test the project in processing and get the buildings to appear on the screen depending if a pixel is colour is changing in value.

I created the skyscrapers in photoshop and just used simple rectangle shapes to create the buildings, then used rectangles to create the windows and copy and pasted them to make a single row, then merged those layers and then copy and pasted them again until the windows covered the entire rectangle. I used a similar method to create the houses and the road.


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