Science Museum Visit

Recently we went on a field trip to the Science Museum in London. There were a lot of interactive installations and the idea was for us to find some examples and get some ideas for our own projects.

There was a lot to explore and I found the experience very interesting. The things I found most interesting were the things that I interacted with by just walking around (not having to push any buttons or make noises etc).

This installation reflected peoples images, composed of smaller shapes when they walked closer to the screen (you can’t see it from the image because I am too far way for my shape to be picked up), I don’t really know how this works but I guess it uses a camera or a sensor to find peoples shapes and then projects them onto the white space, I thought it was very clever and I liked it because it was easy to interact with and quite fun. Unfortunately I didn’t get a video of me interacting with it.


This installation asked the audience a question and then afterwards a yes or no appeared on both sides. I didn’t quite know how this worked because it seemed that you should go to the left side (yes) if you were afraid of snakes and the right side (no) if you weren’t, but it didn’t seem to work and it made me question if it was interactive at all, and maybe I was just walking over to each side for no reason. Though there weren’t many people around at the time so maybe it didn’t work, but this shows that the audience can sometimes be confused about what their role is when they are interacting (or thinking they should interact) with installations, which is something I would like to avoid in my project.


This was my favourite thing because when you walked over the black sign on the floor an alarm sound played (it must have been activated by a pressure sensor or something). But when people walked over that part of the floor they looked around to see what was making the sound, then they looked at the floor which says “Do Not Touch” which automatically makes you want to do the opposite, if you touched the pole in the centre of the sign on the floor you got a small electric shock. I found this quite a fun way to make people interact, and it also uses reverse psychology to make people interact, and people found it really funny and were laughing.

Here is a video of something which wasn’t interactive but I found very interesting because it replicated gravity but in a 3 dimensional shape, as opposed to a 2 dimensional computer screen. I also like the way that when the lights hit one another they “bounce” sort of like how a pendulum works.



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