Seminar Example

For a seminar recently we were asked to bring in some work which we had found or created to show what direction we are heading in for our final project or the sort of themes which we would like to explore. I haven’t really thought too much as of yet about my final project because I have been trying to get a better grasp with basic concepts of processing and have been experimenting with ideas that we were shown in the workshops to become more familiar with them.

I decided to bring in something that I had created from scratch using the knowledge which I had picked up from the previous workshops and I created a rotating square which when the mouse is pressed follows the pointer and when released stays in the position on the canvas where it was released by the mouse.

Although this is quite a basic thing for me it was quite an accomplishment because that was what I wanted to achieve and I had to work out quite a lot of things to get to the point I’m at. What I would like to do is work out a way in which you can only ‘pick up’ the shape by clicking on the middle point, which probably isn’t too hard of a thing to achieve.

Looking towards my final project I suppose this could relate to it if you were having the shape track peoples movement when they were walking past the camera, though at the moment I’m not sure how this would be achieved. I have uploaded an image below of my code with some notes on what each section of the code does. Here is a link to a live version of my code.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 03.08.15


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