Design Iterations Seminar #1

Today we were assigned our first project. We were put into groups and the task is to design a poster for an Independent Dorset political campaign. The project is entirely fictional and it is an interesting concept. My group consists of Becky, Tom and Claudia. In our first seminar we were asked to begin to formulate an idea of what we think would be a good strategy for promoting the idea of an independent Dorset. We were asked to consider the audience and how we could get a good message across using images such as in the poster for Scotland’s independence referendum. In two weeks we will be showcasing the final designs in the foyer of Weymouth house. In the “Scotland Be Brave” campaign poster it was pointed out that there is a lot of symbolism of Scottish culture. Firstly, the woman is dressed in traditional Scottish clothes and is holding a traditional Scottish musical instrument. Also the woman has red hair. This suggests that the poster is aimed at people who are hereditarily Scottish or respect Scottish traditions, as red hair is a stereotypical feature of a Scottish person. This makes the target audience for the poster people who can relate to ‘being Scottish’, probably patriotic people who value their countries traditions and who are more likely to vote for an independent Scotland. url-1 However, the fact that the person in the picture is a woman makes the poster suggest that Scotland is a nation that is moving forward as historically the kilt and sporran was typically worn by males. This suggests that although Scotland doesn’t want to forget its heritage they are still progressing and value equal rights and ultimately those who vote for an independent Scotland are voting for progress. The ‘brave’ part of the text also signifies patriotism and reflects the emotions in the film Braveheart, where the main character Mel Gibson depicts Scottish hero William Wallace (the leader of Scotland in the war of independence) who stands up to a powerful enemy (England) and doesn’t back down and doesn’t let go of his values even when he faces death. Braveheart is arguably the most famous film ever made about Scotland. It also relates to Scotland being independent. groundskeeper-willie1 A kilt and sporran and red hair are all typical traits of a traditional Scottish person. The stereotype is even known as far as America, as is shown by the character Groundskeeper Willie in The Simpsons. braveheart-freedom Some of the themes Braveheart explores are freedom, honour, identity and bravery. In the seminar we started to come up with some ideas for our poster. For next week we need to have a rough sketch of our final idea. We wrote down a list of things that relate to Dorset and independence and I have put these into a mind map using processing. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 01.26.07


Braveheart, 1995. Film. Mel Gibson. USA: Icon Entertainment International.

The Simpsons, 1989. 20th Century Fox Television.


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