Mini Project 4 – Reflective Analysis

For my 4th mini project I recreated a scene from the films Friday and Gravity using kinetic type which replaced the original cinematography. Kinetic type basically means animated text. For this project the program that I used was Adobe After Effects, I had never had any previous experience with this program but on reflection I have realised that it has always been around me without me being aware via my inspirations. Some of my favourite designers, including Cyriak ( and Lemon Jelly ( use After Effects for their design/art. At this realisation it made me think about many future projects I could work on (as I’m a musician and friends with lots of musicians I’m always looking for new ideas of visuals to compliment their music). I found that this project was a good introduction to a program that could become useful for me to become more familiar with in the future.

In terms of reflecting on what I felt about the quality of my work I was generally quite pleased with the outcome of the Gravity video, I think there is room for improvement as always, but I was pleased with the time I spent, firstly learning how to navigate the After Effects interface (especially when having to learn flash, blender and trying to carry on learning Javascript and CSS3 and PHP, all at the same time) and then syncing the visuals up with the audio, which is always quite tedious and time consuming.

I feel that I came up with some good ideas and a lot of thought went into considering how I could play around with the words so that they reflected what was being said in the dialogue. I also didn’t necessarily go for the obvious solutions. An example of this is when the voice of Dr Stone repeats the ‘yes, yes, yes’ section in the Gravity scene. For this section I could have just added the word once each time it was said, instead of doing this I decided to double the word each time, which I felt was more effective considering the panic in the characters voice and especially after the previous line in the dialogue was ‘do you copy?’ and the word ‘yes’ was copied, this is subtle and might not even be recognisable upon viewing the video but I think that it helps to make the sequence flow better and is more interesting than the former solution I mentioned of just copying the word once each time it is said.

Another thing that I was pleased with was my selection of fonts and colours for both the Gravity and Friday scenes. This has been something that I have previously not spent enough time in considering (especially with my websites) and I have usually gone for experimental fonts to be unique and then regretted it afterwards because I have realised that they don’t actually look that great, instead of just picking what I personally thought looked good I tried to relate the designs to scene and base the style on that instead of my own personal taste. You can see this in the Gravity scene as I have chosen the colours black and white, I think that black represents the void of space and the white could relate to the light of the stars on the black sky. The typeface was also selected for the reason that it looked quite science fictional and is also quite reminiscent of old computer command prompt typefaces (it actually reminds me of the teletext font).

Eaxample of teletext font, I find the Gravity font somewhat resembles this but is a lot smoother and cleaner.


The colours and fonts I used for the Gravity scene were totally different to the Friday scene which was a more light hearted, humorous scene, for this I tried to use brighter colours and a less ‘sharp’ text.

I my previous post about this project I also discussed how I was trying to experiment with the word ‘nothing’. Since then I have actually came across a video of kinetic typography which uses some of the same techniques as I did, the only difference being is that this video actually deals with the concept of nothing as it’s main theme where as my video just included the word nothing and it didn’t play as an important role in the overall scene.

This is the video that experiments with the concept of nothing.

The only thing I would have liked to have done differently is experiment with shapes instead of text, I feel as though I spent a lot of time on the Flash Mini Project when I could have been doing more with After Effects. I think this would have been more useful to me and will also be more beneficial to learn in the long run as opposed to Flash which is less used especially when working with the motion of objects (e.g. panning from left to right on an image or bringing one object into the visual space and leaving another behind such as this animated directed by Josh Raskin, animated by James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina does


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