Mini Project 3 – Reflective analysis

For the keyboard type project I worked with Lydia Odai to make an interactive website which would make images of letters appear on the screen at the press of the associated letter. Each keypress also played a note of the alphabet song (see if you can play the full song).

I found this project useful to me especially because of its development and the concept and ideation process that it went through. Looking back on where the idea originated from it only happened ‘accidently’ when I was working in room W119 and noticed the picture of the keyboard on the wall. This made me think about how I could use a keyboard with the pictures I had previously taken which resembled letters. My only intention at first was to display the images on a keyboard in the blog, at this stage I hadn’t really thought about actually using a keyboard to make the images interactive. As I started to think about the idea more it became clearer to me that I could take the idea further, especially after seeing the alphabet photography website (

This shows that ideas don’t necessarily come straight away as it took me approximately a week or two – thinking about the project on and off – to come up with a solid idea of what I actually wanted to achieve. Before me and Lydia started working on the project we had to work out how we would actually make it work in practice. Although it wasn’t even necessarily a complex idea I think having time to explore the idea was important because compared to other projects (the flash animation and the zoetrope drawing) I didn’t allow myself enough time to explore what I should do and went straight into working on the design, this wasn’t a useful approach because it meant that I didn’t consider the possible problems and solutions to those problems and there was no preparation, hence the outcome was untidy and unprepared where as with this project I knew what it was that I wanted to achieve before doing it which gave me a sense of direction.

I also found that this project (in contrast to previous projects) was useful for me because I was able to collaborate with other people. Although I understand what the code is doing in Javascript I would have found it hard to achieve making the code actually work if I was doing it by myself. Before this project I didn’t understand things such as event listeners and event handlers so this project has helped me to understand Javascript better which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to use Javascript in the first place. I found Lydia easy to work with and although I’m not as familiar to programming languages as her she was very helpful in making me understand the processes that we went through to make the code work. I think me and Lydia worked well together and this project is a good example of people combining ideas and knowledge to achieve a common goal. Furthermore it is something that we can continue building upon in the future if we wanted to. This was also a good experience in helping me understand how to use a programming language in a productive way and will help me when working on projects using Javascript in the future.

After finishing the site my friend sent me this website ( which sort of has the same principles but uses animations and is a lot more interactive and fun to mess around with and less buggy. This is the type of coding I wanted to aim towards. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am happy that I had an idea, and didn’t just leave it at that. Because it is sometimes quite easy to come up with a good idea, but to make that idea happen is the part that requires hard work.


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