Mini Project 1 – Reflective Analysis

For my 1st project I at first drew an animation by hand and I then recreated the animation by using adobe illustrator and saving each frame as a jpeg. I found this useful particularly as I had never done any animation before and this gave me a really basic understanding of the of important aspects of design such as the fluidity of the animation (how each frame fits into each other so there are no ‘gaps’ in between frames which ruins the illusion of movement) and speed and motion (how quickly the frames are shown, and how to make the animation look lifelike). It also made me realise how much time a certain length of animation would take and the amount of effort I would have to put to make a well structured animation.

It also made me more aware of what I should be focusing my attention on and dedicating my time to. I felt that as I don’t really enjoy drawing animations by hand – as it is quite a tedious task – that I should dedicate my time to learning how to animate on computer programs such as Adobe After effects and Blender, to me this was already quite apparent as I’m not really that interested in hand drawing but this task cemented the idea that I should leave the drawing by hand to other people who are dedicated to doing that although as well it also helped me to realise that sometimes drawing by hand is useful even if the quality of the drawings isn’t that good, I found that drawing by hand and writing notes by hand also are sometimes more useful than using a computer because its actually less time consuming to jot down simple ideas on a piece of paper than open up an application and start messing around with all the tools.

For my gif I wasn’t really that happy with the outcome as it was just me messing around and I didn’t really dedicate enough time to trying to make a proper animation though I didn’t see any point in spending too much time on creating a decent gif as it doesn’t really have any use other than it’s fun. If I was to progress on my ‘Pie on the windowsill’ idea I’d most likely redo it in Adobe After effects or something similar.

One thing I did find useful was experimenting with illustrations and real images, this was interesting because it doesn’t work all of the time as in some images there is too much in the image and this makes it uncomfortable on the eyes to see the illustration in the foreground for example when I was using the real images as a background. I found putting some filters on the images helped this issue slightly though I think if I use images and illustrations in the future I will have to choose my images wisely and probably plan it out in a storyboard or something similar first.


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