Mini Project 1 – Part Two: Zoetrope Animation

What my zoetrope drawing originated from was an idea I had formulated possibly more than a year ago of a boy called Billy Scrim who is walking home from school and kicks his football over the garden fence, upon looking over the fence he sees a pie with wafting scents placed on the windowsill to cool down. On seeing this pie he forgets about his football and steals the pie. The pie scene is a very popular plot line in cartoons such as Loony Tunes, Disney and Tom and Jerry and usually involves the main character trying to steal the delicious looking pie which has been left on the windowsill to cool down. This is where the inspiration for my idea was from though I wanted to expand the idea. As I was drawing an animation off the cuff I decided to try and do something I had already loosely worked on previously. This was useful because it meant that if I wanted to progress with the idea I already had a basic narrative and plot line for the scene, and I had also done some illustrations using Adobe Illustrator which I could use if I needed to.


Using the format of a gif I decided to complete my animation but instead of drawing it out I used Adobe Illustrator and made jpegs of each scene. I had already drawn the head of the character I just needed to create the hands and the fence and then the pie frames. What I like about this scene is that I used photographs with the animation. This technique of using real images with animation has been done in many different ways most notable in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? made in 1988 by Roger Zemeckis. Another famous person to use real life imagery in animation was Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame, his use of images was in the form of cutouts as opposed to the animation on Who Framed Roger Rabbit which was drawn over the frames. More recently tv shows such as South Park (Saddam Hussain’s head) and Archer have been known to use still images in their animations.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, 1988 [film] Directed by Roger Zemeckis. Burbank, California: Walt Disney Pictures
South Park, 1997 [television] Tray Parker & Matt Stone. New York: Comedy Central
Archer, 2010 [television] Adam Reed. Fox Entertainment Group


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