Using Blender the 3D Animation Program

In Rob’s most recent workshop we were introduced to Blender, an open source 3d animation (amongst other uses) desktop application. At first we were simply learning how to manipulate a basic cube and how to navigate the interface, which proved to be quite complicated with the addition of another dimension to take into consideration.

shape thing

In this image you can see a 3d structure that I created in the workshop. I duplicated an image of a cube and set it along the same lines in the x, y and z axis, which put the duplicated straights on the same straight path as the original. The shape is quite easy to make but is also quite visually pleasing. As can be seen in the image the shapes are aligned to a grid which is covered by a grey slab, if the grey sheet was taken away it would be possible to do a 360 pan around the image and see it from every angle. Although most of the moving positioning in the program is done with the mouse you can see that the green, red and blue arrows point in the direction of the three axis’s. The orange circle with dotted lines around represents the point from which the light shines, this is an important part of the program and obviously of animation in general as it brings more spacial awareness to the animation.

finished shape thing

This second image is what the shapes looked like after they had been rendered. As you can see some of the shape has been cut out. This is because there is a certain vantage point from which the ‘camera’ sees the animation. The other parts of the shape are outside of the viewfinder and therefore are cut off when the work is rendered. This can be simply resolved by adjusting the vantage point from which the animation is being seen.


We also experimented with some 3d text and I tried to create a refrigerator. This is in reference to the After Effects project which I am currently working on which requires us to create animated text sequences to a section of dialogue from a film. What I want to do in my animated text project is create a text that looks like a swinging door and ‘opens up’ to have more words coming out. The reason why I tried to recreate this in Rob’s workshop is because I was working on the project previous to arriving at the workshop and that was the first thing that sprung to mind. I also thought that the program could have been possibly useful to the project.

In the image you can see that the shading is not equal throughout the whole image, this was because I was experimenting with the light coming in from different directions and didn’t quite get it right before the workshop ended. Upon first impression Blender is definitely a program I would like to become more familiar with.


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