Mini Project 3: Alphabet Image Keyboard

The alphabet picture photography project was based around going out and finding natural or manmade objects that resembled the English alphabet. Me and Lydia went out together to try and find some letters, we went to many different locations, including parks, urban and wooded areas. It took us two trips to compile a collection of every letter in the alphabet. At first I found this task enjoyable as it was a nice day and there were a lot of things that looked like letters to take pictures of, though as we collected more numbers the list got shorter and it became much more exhausting to firstly find new locations that we hadn’t been to and secondly to get the letters we had left. There were also a lot of letters that were easier to find than others, such as E. I found myself taking pictures of the same letters but not being able to find much harder ones such as B, N, P and R. In the end we both managed to get all of the letters between us, we actually had both got mostly different letters, except for a few exceptions, which we exchanged. Working in pairs definitely made it easier to find all the letters and decide on good locations to search for them because having two people looking for the letters meant that we had an extra pair of eyes to find something that one person might have missed.


This is a collection of the letters that I found, I have put them on to a keyboard because this is a good representation of digital media. I did this by resizing all of the images and scaling them down to the size of the keys, I then used the eraser tool to erase the corners to make them rounded. I had to crop some of my images first to take out any unwanted background footage that made the letters harder to recognize, though generally most of the pictures looked like letters already as my intention was to make sure that the shapes strongly resembled letters so I was taking this into consideration whilst compositing the photographs. In some of the photographs I had to position myself inline with the object so that the image wasn’t at an angle because this made it less clear.

I would like to pursue this idea further and do something creative with the letters.


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