Channel Project Update – Wednesday 5th February

Today I filmed at Branksome Chine and on the cliff walk. I found the shoot was challenging, firstly because of the wind. This made most of the footage unusable as it was too windy and didn’t fit in with the idea of a new planet with nice weather. I also didn’t bring a tripod with me as I found it was too hard to carry all of the equipment on my own, as I had no crew. However, this was useful in some sense as because I didn’t have to keep packing/unpacking equipment every time I changed location and setting everything up each time, I was much more flexible and was able to get different shots from the previous shoots which had been mainly pans and zooms. This created more variations in footage, which was useful to me in editing. One problem I encountered was that there was some unwanted jolts in the movement of the camera. This was partially resolved by slowing down shots so that the parts which were usable were longer, this accidently created a more ghostly vibe in the final videos as everything had slow movements and when we added the music it worked well. Although it would have been useful to have written the music to the footage instead of having to place it in to the already edited footage and try to make it fit, if we had more time it would have been possible to fit the music and voiceover into the footage in a better way so the scenes flowed better.

On this day I also filmed my clock. I had the idea to put it in the background of the footage we filmed for the earth scene. The reasoning behind this is that I wanted to enhance the sense of limited time. I did this by filming a clock in real time then speeding it up in editing. I personally would have preferred to have used a drawing of a clock and animated it so that the clock hands moved faster and didn’t jolt, though unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do this.

I also continued editing the sound, I cut up the sound and placed it further apart to try and make the scenes flow better, I also change the speed of the voiceovers to 96%, I found that this gave a more calming effect on the voiceover. In an ideal world we would have recorded the audio until we got the takes right but because people didn’t want to spend the whole day recording voiceovers I had to improvise.


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