Channel project production Update 29/01/14

Today we filmed at a number of locations for our channel webisodes. For the first scene we filmed the sea and people on the beach from the cliff path. This footage is supposed to represent a fictional new habitable planet called Alpha Centauri and its aim is to show the natural beauty of the planet and to advertise a new home for people who still live on planet earth. For this scene I also filmed woodland areas to show sustainable natural resources and beautiful locations on the ‘new planet’.

Other footage that we shot was of underpasses and some run down buildings which are supposed to represent a deteriorated Earth which will not be habitable in future years. For this we will also be using footage of storms and natural disasters to enforce the message that the ecosystem of Earth has been ruined. The reason why we will be using footage that we didn’t capture is because firstly there aren’t many locations in Bournemouth that are suitable to represent a deteriorated Earth. And secondly, even if we could have filmed some places I think that due to risks we wouldn’t have been permitted to film in such places due to the possibility of damaging ourselves or the equipment. Therefore it is much more rational to add a few clips which represent a inhabitable planet.

One of the things that I have found challenging about shooting is making sure that there is enough footage to fit in with the running time of each webisode. I think it will be easier to distinguish how much more footage we actually need when we start editing.


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