Channel Project Update

For the Channel Project our groups objective is to come up with a website that contains episodic ‘webisodes’ of a futuristic related subject. The main aspects of the brief are to create a brand that has fictional and futuristic elements. My role within the team is director and camera operator and my main focus within the group is to oversee that everything in the video and ideation process comes together accordingly. Originally the idea we went for was related to teleportation. A story was developed by the group about a man who has a glitch in his ‘teleportation watch’ and randomly teleports to places that he doesn’t want/mean to teleport to. The narrative had a humorous tone and would have been in the format of a spoof news report or infomercial.

After developing this idea the group came to the conclusion that there were complications that were hard to work around. I felt that although the initial idea was entertaining and also interesting it didn’t fit entirely to the brief and was too hard to film and script/act in the time period which we were given.

For the original idea the name glitch was decided upon for branding. The group worked on some designs, which were used in the original presentation. And these are designs that I made for the initial teleportation idea.

GlitchWatch               glitch

After getting together and discussing how to move forward, we decided to change our idea altogether and steer towards something which was less entertaining and more informative. Our new idea was to make advertisements for a fictional ‘planetary commission’ whose goal is to recruit citizens of earth to emigrate to a new, fresher planet with a less damaged, cleaner eco system. The footage contains landscape shots of Earth, which will be presented in the webisodes as natural features of a new planet called ‘Alpha Centauri’, which is the name of the company. The webisodes will also contain shots of not such lush locations on earth that are meant to show a deteriorated earth which is becoming uninhabitable due to environmental issues such as pollution and global warming etc. The channel website is going to be designed to mimic a travel agency.

Although the original plan wasn’t to address environmental issues I think it unintentionally does. However, we are focusing more on the science-fictional aspect of deep space travel and new habitable planets.

Although I liked the original story I think this idea fits better towards the brief, is more design orientated, and is a lot easier to create in terms of ideation, workload, and branding. The downside of this idea is it relies quite heavily on good weather for the concept to be clear.

Although it might seem that time was wasted on changing the idea it shows that sometimes ideas don’t work even if they have promise, and that planning is an important part of the process in achieving a well thought out final product. It was not necessarily easy for the group to suggest changing the idea, as I believe people didn’t want others to feel as if they were overruling the group’s decision. But in retrospect, after discussing the issue, the majority agreed that it was a step in the right direction in regards to coming up with a solid idea that matched the aims in the brief.


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