JQuery Plugins

Recently I have added some Jquery plugins to my website to glam it up a bit. I researched different plugins a lot and looked at many different examples before I selected what I thought would be most useful for my site. I find the JQuery plugins useful because they show me the possibilities of Javascript and provide me with knowledge on writing in Javascript.

I have used two plugins for my site, firstly I used Roundabout by Fred LeBlanc (http://fredhq.com/projects/roundabout/) to showcase the different categories of my portfolio. I liked this plugin because it was easy to personalise and fun to mess about with.

The other plugin I used was the Jquery lightbox ‘fancybox’ (http://fancybox.net/). This serves two functions on the site, firstly it enlarges my portfolio images and secondly the lightbox allows the user to look through every piece of work like a gallery so they can browse images by pressing left or right on the keyboard and looking at large examples of my work instead of having to scroll down the page and look at small pictures.

I had to connect to a number of sources in my html including css pages (link href=) and jquery and other javascrit document (script src=).


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