Portfolio Update

Last week I started working on my Portfolio site, my splash page is based loosely around the retro 80’s game ‘Simon’ –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_(game). The idea came to me when I was walking home and felt I wanted the site to have a retro feel to it. The coloured sections inside the circles are links to other parts of the website. When the mouse icon rolls over them they will light up, like the simon game. This is done using javascript and I’ve used the same image rollover for a previous website design. I have created this design in photoshop and have used css to align the images on to the grey circular base. This has helped me to become more familiar with css as I had to find out how to make the divs go over one another, which is the z-index attribute. It still isn’t 100% finished and needs some touching up done to it but I feel that I will be satisfied with the final product.



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