Group Projects

Here are some examples of designs I have recently done. The designs were part of ideas which I and other members of the groups I was assigned to had to present. They were based around briefs in which we had to apply our ideas to.

Fire Dash

For this project we had to create a campaign that would promote fire safety. Someone in the group had an idea for a game, and upon agreeing that it was suitable we developed it from there. Our final idea was a game that promoted fire safety but also steered away from conventional fire safety awareness campaigns. Because our target audience was for young people aged 12-21 we decided an interactive way of understanding fire safety would be more suitable.

These are some example designs of what the game would have looked like.

Firedash Logo

Firedash Main Menu


This would have been the menu for the game, I like the design because it reminds me of game menus from the 90’s era and is very basic.

I have only added my designs to the blog, but everyone contributed by creating well thought out designs and we communicated well as a group to come up with a decent idea.


This shows my process of creating a front page for a website.

Yuleguide Front Page Design


My first idea was to create a tab like structure for the front page. My reasoning for this was that the website would be quite large and there were many different services involved, so it would be helpful if the page was easy to navigate through and the different services (i.e. events, shopping etc) were distinguishable from one another. As I wasn’t given the job of making a logo I made a quick one so there was something in its place. I then put some examples of possible links at the bottom as an option.

Even though this isn’t really a splash page I thought the idea of having different choices on the front page so that the customer could use the service quickly and be able to navigate through the pages easily and also be able to browse without having to go back to previous pages.  I also had the idea to have some slideshow banners in each section which showcased the products and services with a link which took the user to that specific part of the website. In reflection I think that the tabs idea wouldn’t have been as useful as I first thought for this particular project in relation to making the page easier to navigate.

Html and CSS

Html css

This is a screenshot of an attempt to design the page in html and css, I will possibly use the code for a future project, obviously changing the design but working on the markup and styles to see if it could be of use for anything. Although tabs aren’t used as much as they used to be I think they can still be useful in some cases and can still be worked into more modern websites.

Second Design


After getting some feedback from the rest of the group I decided to scrap the tabs idea and use a jquery multi item slider (   on the splash page. I thought that this would be more useful to showcase products and services than the idea of having tabs. The customer could also click on an image link and be taken directly to the product if they saw something that they wanted to purchase. I still kept the links at the top of the page because I thought it would be useful to be able to navigate to a specific part of the page directly from the front page, this would save the user time. One thing I forgot to add to the page which would be important would be a search bar, I think a search bar would have been useful for this site because the customer would be able to skip all the content to get to something they were specifically looking for.

Final Design 


After more feedback and input from the group this is the design we used for the presentation. I didn’t design the logo but I put the page together in photoshop. I think that the idea was a bit messy and could have been done better on my behalf, although I did like the circular links instead of the rounded rectangle buttons that I had previously used. I don’t think the location should have been on the front page and I agreed with the feedback which was given to us after the presentation.


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